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Through the use of color photography, I explore the humorous aspects of modern day slang and human sexuality. Inspiration for my imagery is derived from modern American culture and its apparent obsession with sex. Because of this obsession with sex, every form of entertainment and communication uses some type of sexual overtone to communicate or sell its products. Language especially, the most prevalent form of communication is strongly tainted by sex. People want to talk about sex but discussing sex in a literal fashion has always been viewed as taboo by American culture. For this reason people have created a clever language to use as a substitution for the proper sexual terms. These euphemisms are quite humorous because of the words and phrases used to symbolize sexual anatomy and acts, oftentimes created from non-sexual material, which make them even more amusing.

            Platonic items are used in my photographs to portray the colorful conglomeration of slang phrases; cropping and extreme close up methods are used to simulate human sexual anatomy. Because of the humorous implications derived from sexual slang, the use of actual human anatomy is deliberately avoided to keep the imagery alluring and non-pornographic. Furthermore, the absence of human organs in the photos assists in the comic portrayal of sex.

            By using a humorous interpretation of American slang I deliberately challenge the idea of what is a culturally acceptable display of sexuality. It is important to see the humorous side of sex, not the dangerously obsessive preoccupation that society believes it to be. Sex is an important part of human relationships and reproduction. Being able to see the humorous connotations we have created for sex out of fear or discomfort with the subject is truly enlightening since no creature would be here today without this natural act taking place.

© 2006 Agnes Kunz Vigil